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Learning Quran online is a modern way of Learn Online Quran Academy USA & Canada. Anyone belonging to any country like USA , canada  or ayother country can contact with us and can avail the opportunity of Learning Quran and Teaching Online with little effort. Distance, age, gender and country do not matter for Learn Quran online. Either you are living in USA or UK language is not a barrier for you now. We have Online Quran Teachers who can speak different languages. They can speak English, Urdu and Arabic ans now we have Egyptian Quran Teahers as well. We are providing you all of these facilities in minimum and affordable fees by providing Learn Online Quran Academy Classes.

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Reading Quran With Tajweed Rules

$45  per Month

We are providing Quran With Tajweed Classes in USA & UK online teaching and Quran Learning via skype of your choice and timings

Memorization & Hifz Quran Program

$55 per Month

We Have Memorization Quran and Hifz Quran Program online we will provide you Best Hifz Quran teacher of your choice .

Quran Recitation Online Course

$35 per Month

We are providing Quran Recitation Online Course Our Quran teachers are experienced and qualified and they are being selected after proper trials

Free Trial Quran Classes.

Get 5 Days Free Trial

Firstly few trial Quran Classes will be provided and upon your satisfaction you . After Trial We are providing safe and secure payment methods

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Why Should You Choose Learn-Quran.Us?

We should strive to give Islamic education and Online Learn Quran Classes to our kids from an early stage. Let us give our kids colorful informative books which teach them Islamic etiquettes, Books are good friends for kids. Get an Islamic story book for your kids and give them and Learn Quran Education that would shape their Akhirah.

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24/7 Flexible Schedule

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 Quran Tafseer in English

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Affordable fee Structure


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Female Quran Teacher

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Usmania Quran Academy

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Male Quran Tutors

We Are providing Teaching Quran Classes via Skype ?

 Male and Female Quran Teachers – We understand the importance of your safety and privacy therefore
We have Best male and Female Quran Teachers for both genders. So you can trust on us in terms lf your privacy and safety.
Male and female teachers both are equally trained and both are cooperative.

How To Become Hafiz/Hafizas at home – Now we have come up with a unique opportunity of Hafiz/ Hafizas courses Qruan Online Classes USA & UK at the ease of your home. Age, gender do not matter to get enrolled in our Hafiz/ Hafizas courses. We have Quran Teachers who are Hafiz/ Hafizas and so there will be no problem for you or for your children.

 Learn Quran Memorization -Even of you are adult and want Learn Online Quran Academy  Canada And UK to become Quran Memorization but you could not get this opportunity in your childhood then don’t worry, we are here for you. We believe in Learning Quran in any age and so we are providing same opportunities for any age group

 Payment upon your satisfaction – We are providing safe and secure payment methods. Payment can be done via bank account or money transfer companies. But for us your satisfaction matters and for this we provide free trial Learn Quran Classes  of few days.
Then after your satisfaction you are asked to get enrolled in our Tutoring Quran Course and your course will he started on the very same day.

 Flexible Timings – We are providing flexible timings of Learning Quran in USA .
Timings are decided according to mutual consent of Teacher and our students so that both may get benefit at their comfort zone

Any nation/ any country: We have Best Quran Teachers from all over the world so they can speak different languages like English, Urdu and Arabic. So people living in foreign countries can also get benefit from our academy .What is islam?

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How To Learn Quran Fast :  We should strive to give Islamic education Classes and Quran Teaching to our kids from an early stage.Let us give our kids colorful informative books which teach them Islamic etiquettes, Books are good friends for kids. Get an Islamic story book for your kids and give them and Learn Quranic Education that would shape their Akhirah.

 Easy Way To Learn To Read Quran : One responsibility of a parent is to make sure the child gets Islamic Learn Online Quran Academy USA & UK. Parents have to make sure the child is happy, honest and religious and has knowledge about Islam irrespective of the fact that they might be man or women. our Quran Teaching Academy brings you the opportunity to study at home. Study about your religion at home. There are many Tutoring Quran courses available for you Online that can help you thrive and know more about religion at home. The Quran Teaching courses are taught online on Skype. We have capable Tutoring Quran that will help you in every stage and will make sure that you study well.

Learn Tajweed Classes : We have got problems reading the Quran effectively because we do not know the sounds of the alphabet and our Tajweed Lessons will help students live in USA  learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed through coaching them the sounds of the letters of the alphabets. Our conferences are a great way to improve reading skills and efficiency. It will be difficult for anyone to enhance their reading skills if they do not take perfect courses. We understand the fact that reading with Tajweed is extremely crucial in Tajweed Quranic Education. To this cease, we have designed unique courses for students.

 Best online teaching  Academy : Best online Teaching Quran Classes is an obligation to every Muslim. It is the responsibility of parents and Quran teachers to help new generation in Quranic learning and Teaching to become true Muslim and good human being. Learn-Quran.US Academy provides many facilities related to Quranic education for  all Muslims in all countries Like USA & Canada by different methodology through social media. However,  regarding to the Best Quran Teaching methods, we have Best online teaching methods of different  styles.

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Online Quran Teaching In European Countries

The study of the Holy Quran, along with the study of our religion is very important.Muslim People who are living in California, Washington, New York, and any other city they can learn Quran by joining our online Quran institute www.learn-quran.us

Muslims living in western countries like United States Of America It is the fundamental duty of all the Muslims to learn Quran Online with Tajweed what their religion is telling us and what Islam is actually about. In this way, we have capable tutors Quran in our Online Quran Academy who are ready to assist you in all the positive ways they can.

In our Quran Academy, our best tutors will make sure that they teach you more about your religion and can help you get closer to Allah and His principles that are  mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Online Quran teaching in European countries  has become the need of the time. People are happily embracing the changes within the normal way of learning.  The learners especially the new generation enjoy a virtual environment where they're going to get the guidance of a teacher privately.
This method of tutoring is growing in popularity. Students of all walks of life can join the best male Quran tutors of California , United States

because courses available to them are according to their needs. We'll say that this sort of tutoring is more family-friendly because it allows
learners to review different courses without the strain and price of moving from one place to a different .