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Hire Online Quran Teachers

The Holy Quran perform duties as a guide for all human beings. The Holy Quran holds the
speech of Allah and it provides direction in every situation of life. The study of Holy Quran
gives us information about how to achieve success in this world and the life after death.

We are a major online Quran institute and provide teaching facilities to everyone. We have a
group of qualified teachers. Our tutors like to help individuals to learn Quran. We teach
individuals of all ages. It does not matter where are you living in the world. Technology has
made this to teach and learn Quran all over the world with the help of internet. Anyone who have
internet facility can easily learn Quran online. Our teachers have capability to teach Quran online
by using modern technology. There is no best option than learning by enjoying the ease of your
home. We use internet facility to achieve our mission.

Professional Quran Experts
Our institute carefully check the educational background when hiring a teacher. We hire only
qualified staff because we think that it is the right of every Muslim to give correct knowledge of
the Quran. We have set strong criteria for the selection of staff. The one who meets the criteria
we select that one. Our aim is to give best services and we can provide best services only when
we have qualified staff.
The team of our teachers consist of:

These teachers have excellent recitation ability and superb knowledge of Tajweed. These
teachers help to those students who want to learn Tajweed or reading course.

We also have those teachers who have the ability to memorize Quran. These tutors are for the
students who wants to memorize Quran.

We also offered different Islamic courses to students like Fiqh and Tafseer. These are highly
qualified teachers with degrees from identified Islamic institutes.

Qualified Tutors
We know the importance of qualified staff. We choose those teachers who have the ability to
motivate students to teach and they deal with them politely. They have superb knowledge of
Quran and Islam. They also teach different good things to students that are related to Islam.

We teach students of different countries that’s why we have teachers that are capable of speaking
different languages. The main is to target Muslim students all over the world.

Male and Female Teachers
We have both male and female staff to meet all needs of the learners. Female teachers are for
those female sisters and daughters who want to learn from female teacher. Females can learn any
course at home with the help of female teacher. There is no time restrictions. We are available
24/7. You can take classes at any time from Quran teachers. Our aim is to promote Quran
education. We are here for those who do not find any institute or any teacher nearby but
interested in learning Quran. We are also here for those who have hectic routine and cannot join
institutes for learning Quran. Our Quran teachers will provide education to them at their
favorable time.

One-to-one teaching
Individual attention helps in better understanding. It is best for kids and it makes strong relation
between Quran teacher and students. Student can easily understand the lesson because Quran
teacher gives time to only one student and there is no disturbance of others. Our Quran teachers
are keen to teach Quran. They give more attention to students and solve every query of students.

Friendly Environment
Our Quran teachers are very friendly with kids. They provide friendly and supportive
environment that is why students do not feel shy and can share every problem with their Quran
teachers. They teach students step by step. The qualities of Quran teachers affect learners. Good
communication helps in better understanding. Our Quran teachers have good communication
skills and they can teach in every corner of the world.

Quran teachers teach via Skype
Our Quran teachers use skype to teach so that busy professionals can learn Quran without
leaving their desk. Video and screen sharing makes this very easy. Teachers and students can
communicate easily. The barriers of distance remove due to the modern technology.

Trial Classes
We provide free trial classes. After taking classes it is on the individual to continue with us or
not. We provide best opportunity to learn Quran with the help of our Quran teachers.

List of Top Locations in USA

New York | Los Angeles | Chicago | Houston | Phoenix | California | Texas | Alabama | Florida | New Jersey

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